Selamat datang di BaliBogan!

My name is Lisa and I live in Perth in Western Australia.  I love learning languages and I’m also a language teacher.  It started with Japanese and now my new love is Indonesian.  I want to spread the love about Australia’s nearest neighbour – Indonesia, its people, its language and its aliveness.  Say what you like about Indonesia but you can never say it isn’t brimming with life. This is for anyone who likes to go to Bali and other places in Indonesia, especially if you like learning Indonesian.

If you Google ‘Bali Bogans’ you get loads of pages telling you how to avoid bogans in Bali. Not all bogans are bad people, some bogans are actually doing a lot of good things in Bali. I hope to encourage  you to explore different parts of Indonesia, to take the step and go beyond Bali. You will encounter another Indonesia, a place that may challenge you with frustrating experiences but will also reward you with unique memories that some of your Bali Bogan friends will never know. Bali is a good start, a great first stepping stone to travel around Indonesia but there is so much more to see and experience beyond Bali.